Monday, November 27, 2006

What makes a country developed?

OK, another online activity, this time for s4, but bear in mind this is Higher's next topic. I have been flicking back through an old Developments magazine, a freebie that the dept for International Development send me now and again, and have come up with this:-

Country A

A vast country, this nation is extremely rich in natural resources such as diamonds, cassiterite(for tin) and gold. It also has large areas of fertile agricultural land and borders several countries which could possibly be trade partners. From 1960, the country received 30 years of intensive investment from abroad, and the country and capital have hosted some high profile international events. Recently, nurses and teachers have been on strike in this location, and there have been riots in the capital city. The currency is also losing value.

Country B

This country has experienced nearly half a century of dicatorship, a decade of conflict, and before that was a colony of a small European country. It has courted controversy for its indifference to Human rights abuses in a neighbouring country. Here is the location of some of the world's most extensive rainforest, but people earn the equivalent of 27 cents per day, and 1000 people a day die of hunger. Hopes are high for the future after plans for a $50 billion Hydro-electric project were unveiled

Here is your task
a) Which is the most developed country and why?
b) Bonus marks if you can guess the country in the examples

Use the evidence, but also look for anything which doesn' quite fit about both examples...